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Open GameThread, 5/6

Google Image Search result for "Worst place in the world":

Wait, what? What does Willie McGee have to do with Coors Field. Unless he's part of the humidor conspiracy with Selig and the Knights Templar. Of all makes sense now...McGee was on the '99 Cardinals too, so Edgar Renteria is probably a part of it. Marcus Jensen...Rick Ankiel, the pitcher...they were all taking orders from Jose Jimenez before the humidity experiments went awry in '00.... I just can't figure out how Ellis Burks fits in, 'cause he's cool.

Long story short: Man, do I hate this ballpark, and, man, do I love a good Willie McGee picture on the front page every now and then, especially when I can combine it with a Randy Johnson picture.

Different week: Same matchups.

Randy Johnson

#51 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





Sep 10, 1963

Ubaldo Jimenez

#38 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Jan 22, 1984

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