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Post-Game Recap: Giants Win? Giants Win!

Hands up if you expected Albert Pujols to hit a two-run homer to lead off the ninth.

This is the curse of a .500 team. After looking so bad against a good team like the Mets, they can look pretty spiffy against a good team like the Cardinals. Even though the Giants went up against Carpenter and Wainwright in the series, they still came out with a series win. Nice, that.

Jonathan Sanchez was maddening again, but a big, sloppy metaphorical kiss goes out to the bullpen for the 4+ scoreless innings.

And from the it-seems-goofy-now-but-you-never-know file: The Giants are now only 4.5 games back of the Cardinals for the wild card. Goodbye Tim Alderson, and helllllooooo Paul Konerko!