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Awful Offense + Barry Zito = Obvious San Francisco Giants Win

You know, I'll accept a poor offense. If the starting pitching is great and the bullpen isn't a mess, I can deal with a team that struggles to score runs.

This is beyond "struggling to score runs", though. This is art. This is a once-in-a-generation failure so ugly, it's beautiful. Look closer. The beauty is there. It's a Da Vinci -- a masterpiece of form, even if that form is pure ugliness. Travis Ishikawa was given four strikes in a ninth-inning at-bat. He still whiffed. Randy Winn hit with a runner on third an less than two outs for the 78th time this year: he's 0-for-79 in such situations. The laws of baseball, nature, and mathematics don't apply. It's art.

But I'd rather lose like this for every Zito start than lose the old-fashioned Zito way, which usually involved Zito's socks flying around the diamond, Charlie Brown-style. At least this way, there's a little sliver of encouragement. And if...

...wait, they won? Again? With an offense that would be the worst in the Pacific Coast League? In thrilling, walk-off fashion?

Words fail. This team is killing me in the best possible way.

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