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Game Recap: Giants Win Fourth Straight

Somewhere, a guy just turned off the television and muttered to himself, "Boy, Matt Cain really figured out what it takes to be a winner."

It is our obligation to find this person and harm him.

If you missed it, Baseball Prospectus had a great article on Cain yesterday, noting that he's pitching much better with runners on base. That sounds like a fluke, but BP noted that his pitches were moving more in those situations. Maybe it's an anomaly, or maybe Cain is just the coolest cat ever to take a pitching mound. From the comments section of the BP article:

And another point about his mental makeup: Given his experience with run support the last two years, the fact that he hasn't come remotely close to going homicidal on somebody would suggest that he's extremely grounded in the head.

Yeah. That. Enjoy the win, Matt. You've earned it. Well, this and several more.


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