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Post-Game Recap: Giants Score More Than Two Runs Again

Let's not get used to this kind of offensive juggernaut.

Two quick points:

  • After Rowand's bases-loaded hit in the second, I was so sure that Renteria was going to leave two runners in scoring position, I fast-forwarded my DVR. Whoops. Nothing against Renteria specifically, mind you, it's just the kind of hit that hasn't come this year. It's rare enough that the Big Hit comes at all, so it's been super rare to see the Big Hit After the Big Hit. It was like that "Planet Earth" clip with the mountain cat chasing after its prey. Just magnificent. I feel blessed to have watched it.
  • I know I'm in the minority, but I didn't mind Lincecum going back out for the eighth. There wasn't an especially good reason for it other than teeth-gritting gumption points, but Lincecum was still throwing hard and locating well, and I'm not going to freak out over 15 or 20 extra pitches over that arbitrary 100-pitch line. Where Bochy and I differ, though, is that I would have had the bullpen ready before the inning even started. Lincecum went through the eighth quickly, but I have no doubt that Bochy would have let Lincecum soldier through a 25-pitch inning.

Good win. But they all are.

Full boxscore