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Giants/Braves Recap

Compelled by forces they couldn't understand, several members of the San Francisco Giants ran around a dirt path on Monday, ending their journey after touching an odd, white, pentagon-shaped object with their feet.

"I couldn't understand it," said Giants first baseman Travis Ishikawa. "I've had the urge to run around a dirt path and touch a white, pentagon-shaped object with my feet before, but I've never acted on the urge."

Fred Lewis, Giants outfielder, was similarly surprised. "We talked about doing something different during the game -- something crazy, like go out in the field with funny wigs, or something. Then someone said, 'Hey, wouldn't it be wild if a few of us touched that odd, white, pentagon-shaped habit with our feet?'"

The experiment was a success, as it allowed the Giants to "win" their contest. Manager Bruce Bochy says the team shouldn't get used to the exhilarating feeling, though. "It was a lot of fun, but we don't know much about that object. Whose is it? Where did it come from? So we should probably just steer clear for a while. I just got the first season of Lost on DVD, so I'm a little jumpy about strange objects right now. "