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Post-Game Recap -- Giants/Mariners

I'm proud of the Giants for:

  • getting multiple hits off Felix Hernandez, who is clearly the third wheel in a rotation that also features Jason Vargas and Garrett Olsen.
  • scoring four runs, which is what a really bad offensive team should average. Hey, it's a step up from historically bad.
  • having the tying run in scoring position in the ninth inning

Overall, it was just a poor offensive performance. That, combined with a below-average performance from Barry Zito, led to a loss. But it doesn't feel so awful, does it? I'm starting to rate the losses on a different scale. This one...peaty, with a hit of anise...strong nose...but not bad. A couple of ill-timed homers combined with four runs scored? That's the best loss of the past three weeks.

/whistles as he walks away, satisfied with simple dejection, which is much better than utter, soul-defenestrating dejection