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Giants/Padres Recap

The Giants are not a good hitting team. Because of this, they don't score a lot of runs.

The Giants are much better at pitching. Unfortunately, their hitting is worse than their pitching is good. This makes the team imbalanced.

If I were the guy who makes the teams, I'd try and get better hitting.

That one guy who doesn't hit at all had three hits today. Too bad we couldn't some of those hits back to last week, when that guy came up to hit with runners on base.

There were a couple of points in the game when a hit would have been really helpful. Alas, that never happened. I bet that if the Giants could do it over, they'd totally try something different.

Maybe tomorrow they'll hit the ball. That would be cool.

Also on TV at the same time: a Golden Girls marathon on the Hallmark Channel. At 7:00, Blanche (Rue McClanahan) battles a mother (Meg Wylie) for the attentions of her son (Peter Graves); a therapist (Steve Landesberg) tries to help Stan (Hebert Edelman) get over Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur).

I'd watch the Giants game, but I want to see what Blanche will say next. Also, the Giants will try and hit against Kevin Correia. Kevin Correia. There's no way I'm subjecting myself to that three-hitter.