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Barry Zito Gets Hosed Again (Giants/Padres Recap)

Quick notes:

  • When a team can't score runs 50% of the team, random distribution makes it likely that at least one of that team's starters will pitch in low-scoring games more than 50% of the time. Or maybe not. It's not like I know anything about statistics. But last year, it was Matt Cain getting hosed. This year, Barry Zito.

    Ha. Just kidding. This game was evidence that Zito doesnt know how to win. It's a good thing that Cain knows now. Those correspondence courses really paid off.

  • Last three hitters: Burriss, Rowand, Velez. It was like sitting in the Green Party headquarters on Election Day -- no one expected to win, and the clam dip smelled funny.
  • If you were starting a team, would you choose David Wright or Scott Hairston? I'd pick Wright, who isn't an awful, awful man, but it's close.
  • Is it funny or sad that this was Zito's first complete game as a Giant? I'd say both, like a clown who sits on a kitten.
  • If this really is a stepping-stone year to serious contention in 2010 or 2011, I'll take 90 losses if it comes with a reborn Zito.
  • Man, I'm tired of Chris Young. I'd much rather watch the Giants hit against Adam Eaton.