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The Giants Avoid the Sweep: Post-Game Recap

"There are games you lose but deserve to win, games you win but deserve to lose, and games in which you give up 5,334 baserunners in nine innings without allowing a run." - Mahatmas Ghandi

Three quick notes:

  • After the quick abandonment of the Frandsen-to-shortstop experiment last spring, it was odd to see him log so many innings at short in Fresno. Then he comes up, and his first start is at short. Uh, okay. But he did well, which bodes well for his career. The "utility player" tag was slapped on Frandsen a littler, but he'll wear it well if he can handle spot starts at short.
  • Bobby Howry walking Luis Castillo with no one out in the eighth: the reliever's equivalent of writing a eulogy that plagiarizes Dane Cook every other line. There are just so, so many things wrong with it on so, so many levels that it doesn't need an explanation of why it's seventeen different kinds of wrong. I've quietly been okay of Howry, even as he'd cough up the occasional gopher ball at the wrong time. But this, good gravy.
  • If I pitched, I think I'd get fired up if I pitched on someone else's bobblehead day. "Oh, yeah? Lefty Malo bobblehead day? Well, stick this in your ear, Lefty." And then I'd pitch eight scoreless. I'd make a pretty cool pitcher. It's a shame that I can't break the 73-MPH barrier.

A four-game sweep would have been pretty mortifying. Good win.