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The Jonathan Sanchez Paradox

The Jonathan Sanchez Paradox:

When you are frustrated with Jonathan Sanchez's development and entertaining thoughts of trading him for a hitter, Sanchez's trade value is at its lowest. When Sanchez's trade value is at its highest, it's when he looks like a franchise pitcher, which is someone who shouldn't be traded away for what other teams would probably offer. Therefore, Sanchez will never be traded.

Is that about right? When I watch games like last night's, I'm convinced that Sanchez will always be a 5.00 ERA, 4.5 BB/9 pitcher who eclipses 100 pitches before the sixth inning of every game he starts. But there's no way that I'd trade him now, as he wouldn't bring back a worthwhile first baseman. So I'll just hope he pitches like he did last July. But if that Sanchez shows up for good, there's no way I'd trade the guy.

A couple of weeks ago, someone innocently asked whose starts we looked forward to more: Barry Zito or Jonathan Sanchez. A postalanche ensued, with everyone who had access to a keyboard voting for Sanchez. The numbers might be a little different if the question were asked again....