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Giants Win! Giants Win!: Post-Game Recap

Blame Bobby Howry if you want. He was on the mound when all sorts of runners got on base.

Blame the ineffective hitter of your choice if you want. That particular hitter had all sorts of chances, and I'm sure tired of his ineffectiveness. Blast you, ineffective hitter!

Blame Travis Ishikawa if you want. He should have let Manny Burriss get that bases loaded grounder in the eighth. He made a heck of an effort, but the blame is yours to distribute as you see fit.

Blame Pablo Sandoval for taking pitches in the bottom of the ninth, trying to work a better hitter's count. AND OH MY GOD HE JUST WON THE GAME WITH A THREE-RUN HOME RUN. I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW. HE WORKED THE COUNT, AND A PITCHER ACTUALLY THREW HIM A STRIKE!



My point was that you should blame the game of baseball, because there's no way you can assign blame for the dinks and dunks that put the Nationals ahead in the eighth.

But, yeah. I think we'll go for a different theme for this post-game thread. Whoop!