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Offensive Kersplosion: Giants take first game from Nationals

It's times like this that I wish I gave something out for wins. You know, like a "Golden Rooster," or something. Like, I'd walk into the clubhouse after a hard-fought win, look the players in the eyes, and say, "Gentlemen, today's Golden Rooster can only go to one player. He knew when to buckle down. He knew when to make the pitcher work. That player is..." And then I'd give out the Golden Rooster.

Tonight, I'd totally give the Golden Rooster to Travis Ishikawa. And then I'd make everyone in the clubhouse start a slow, '80s-movie round of applause. And Ishikawa would be kind of embarrassed, but he'd beam with pride.

Which is all to say: Good game, Travis Ishikawa. I'm sure everyone's still pulling for the guy. The history of homegrown first basemen after Will Clark isn't exactly deep, so there's still time for him to become a total fan favorite.

Also of note: When was the last time a right-handed hitter hit a homer to right-center of Mays Field? Mike Piazza? Harmon Killebrew? I seriously can't remember. Ryan Zimmerman gets the Bonds treatment for the rest of the series.

Also also of note: It's good to see Brian Wilson shake some of that rust off and come into a game for once.