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Brian Wilson and Casey Blake: I AM SO ANGRY

Quick notes on Blakegate:

  1. I had no idea that Wilson's gesture had to do with his late father -- I thought it was an mixed martial arts thing -- so I doubt Casey Blake knew the significance.
  2. I hate when opposing players do little dances or Icky Shuffles, but I can deal with pointing to people who live in the sky. It's a fine line, though, and I can see how post-save celebrations can irritate players in the other dugouts.
  3. Casey Blake is a sub-human pig man, but most Dodgers are. We shouldn't be especially surprised by this.
  4. Drilling people in retaliation for something like this just raises on-base percentages. Throw one to the backstop, and then paint the outside corner, Brian. Make him think.
  5. This story stopped interesting me about five minutes after it happened, but it's actually on the front page of Yahoo! right now, which in turn links to this site. I'm pretty shameless, so I thought I'd get something up quick with a provocative headline. I'm not above whoring myself out for traffic.

It looks like this has been talked to death already on the site, so let's just have an open thread on the unwritten rules of baseball. They irritate me, and I think we should write them down. I'll start:

 1. No sex in the champagne room. No sunflower seeds in the champagne room. No sex in the sunflower seed room. No sunflower seeds in the sex room. Champagne in the sunflower seed is allowed at the manager's discretion.