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Post-Game Recap: Giants beat the Dodgers in 41 innings

Show of hands: How many of you knew the Giants wouldn't win after the eighth inning, when the Giants had the bases loaded and no out, but only scored one run? Yeah, me too.

It's so, so good to be wrong.

The Dodgers would have loved to take this series and say, "See? See? We don't need Manny Ramirez." Nope. Mother's Day is for people with mothers, or at least mothers that don't try and eat their young. Not for Dodgers. Not for their fans.

Also, Emmanuel Burriss: .290 hitter. I rarely say I told you so, but I think I'm justified here. I told you so, haters.

If you want a sniff of where this was going if the Giants had blown this game, there's some more after the jump. Oh, how silly that pessimism seems now. Another series win. Road woes forgotten. Whoop!

The Giants have had a bases loaded/no outs situation six times this year, and they've scored a total of seven runs. Only once have they scored more than a single run -- a three-run explosion against the Cubs on May 5th.

Bases loaded situations are kryptonite for the Giants. Wait, that would imply special powers. Bases loaded situations are salt shakers to the Giants' banana slug. The full list:

4/10 - 6th inning - 0 runs (Ishikawa DP, Rowand K)
4/19 - 4th inning - 1 run (Ishikawa sac fly, Renteria single with Molina running, R. Johnson K)
4/21 - 3rd inning - 1 run (Burriss DP, Winn flyout)
5/5 - 8th inning - 3 runs (Rowand double, Winn single, Uribe fly, Sandoval DP)
5/7 - 7th inning - 1 run (Sandoval flyout, Molina groundout, Winn groundout)
5/10 - 8th inning - 1 run (Aurilia K, Schierholtz sac fly, Lewis K)

Even with an offense as wretched as this one,this kind of thing is a fluke. It might make me want to strangle a kitten or two, but I'm still calling fluke. At some point, a broken-bat hit will fall, the pitcher will bean a Giants' hitter, or a catcher's interference call will get a second run home. It's only a matter of time, folks.