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Giants/Rockies Series Preview

The Rockies used to lose every game in San Francisco, and the Giants used to lose every game in Colorado. It was a nice and tidy arrangement. I knew what games to skip, and what games to watch. Then, inspired by Galileo's famous mountaintop cigar-'n'-golf-clubs experiment, someone started putting baseballs in a Coors Field humidor. Also, the Giants started to stink. With those two factors in play, now we don't know what to expect.

But I'll do my best to preview the series:

Rockies Hitting

I totally got a late-round steal for my fantasy team with Dexter Fowler. The dude stole five bases in one game off Chris Young, which really helped my fantasy team. I also took a flier on Todd Helton on another fantasy team that has on-base percentage as one of the categories, but he's actually helping my fantasy team in RBI. I'm glad I don't have Chris Ianetta on my fantasy team, as he's stinking right now. I went with Bengie Molina instead, and he's been awesome for my fantasy team. Brad Hawpe's having a great year, but not for my fantasy team.

Rockies Pitching

I was all going to pick Huston Street for my fantasy team, but then I was all, whoa, there's competition for the closer's role. It turns out that was a good move for my fantasy team, as Manny Corpas already took the job from Street. But I'm thinking about getting former Giants first-rounder Jason Grilli for my fantasy team, because he's one of the only relievers doing well for the Rockies. I was tempted to pick Aaron Cook for my fantasy team, but he doesn't get strikeouts. It was a good move for my fantasy team, as Cook's been pretty bad. The guy I should have picked for my fantasy team is Jorge De La Rosa, whom the Giants won't see this series.

Rockies Defense

Because none of my fantasy teams are ranked on their defense, I'm not sure how the Rockies' defense is.


I'm hoping that Fowler steals a bunch of bases for my fantasy team and that he's stranded on third each time. Actually, I hope he scores a bunch of runs that are unearned, because that would help my fantasy team, and I have Randy Johnson on my fantasy team, so I wouldn't want them to show up in Johnson's ERA. I hope that the Giants sweep the series, but I also hope that a bunch of good things happen for my fantasy team.

Comment starter:

Please tell us all about your fantasy team. I've been reading about baseball on the internet for a long, long time, and I'm always amazed at how fascinating other people's fantasy teams are. Every fantasy team is a miracle of chaos theory -- I mean, did you ever stop to think that if someone picked Johan Santana as the first overall pick in your fantasy league, you'd have a totally different fantasy team? That's an amazing way to think about fantasy teams, and that's why all fantasy teams are interesting. So tell us about your fantasy team. We'd all love to read about your fantasy team. Fantasy team.

Also, on an unrelated note, I think I'm going to start deleting all GameThread comments that have to do about fantasy teams.