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Post-Game Fun Chatter!

Quick thoughts, bullet point-style...

  • The Giants will not average ten runs a game this season. Nine, tops.
  • I had no idea that Jeremy Affeldt threw 95+. He's nasty. And if I know that Joey Martinez threw 90/91 MPH, I would have been much more excited about him, prospect-wise. I got Romoed. (The opposite verb -- in which you were led to believe a prospect threw much harder -- is Foppertated)
  • We'll give Bruce Bochy guff if he orders the wrong pizza toppings, so it's only fair to praise him when he does something right. There was no reason to send Lincecum back out for the fourth inning, even if the long relief option was Ramon Ortiz. Opening Day and 110 pitches don't mix, and there wasn't a lot of evidence to suggest that Lincecum was suddenly going to settle down and have three ten-pitch innings.
  • You think you're funny, meteorologists? You get a kick out of messing with our minds? You sick, wind-blown freaks.
  • Alex Hinshaw shouldn't break it off with his Fresno girlfriend just yet. Great stuff, but he's only a season removed from having absolutely no control instead of last year's pretty bad control.
  • Brian Wilson's mohawk mullet tuft peeking out of the back of his cap? The jury's still out on that one.
  • Do the Brewers give contract bonuses for stupid beards?

Ugly game. Great win.