Johnsonville Sausages and the Giants took my Job!

From the 2009 Season Highlights PDF:

• Johnsonville:  Johnsonville Sausage, makers of bratwurst and Italian sausages, will have signage on the right field wall in foul territory.  Fans sitting in the Arcade will have the opportunity to display “Strikeout” K’s along the wall. 

Hmmm... Strikeout Ks on the right field wall, an interesting idea...

Wait, that's my idea! I've been doing that since Opening Night last year, and now with barely a warning, they take it and sell it off.  I'm pissed because they took one of the few things at the AT&T Park that came from the fans (where the stereotype around the league is that we aren't engaged in the game) and turned into something commercial like they have at every other park, but mostly because this was my thing!

Am I just being selfish with this?

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