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The Giants Take the Series: LA Beat

Quick jottings:

  • Tim Lincecum around 90/91 mph after his 80th pitch? Yeah, that's kind of scary. Lincecum ramping up to 95/96 after his 100th pitch? Somehow, that's scarier.
  • I hope Manny Burriss continues to make me look like an idiot, day after day, until the Giants retire his number. I really, really do. Good game for Burriss, albeit one that mostly came from his strong side.
  • Forgot to record the start of the game, and I had an errand to run. So what do I miss? A Bengie Molina triple. Yeah, sure, I saw the replay. But that can't compare. You can't just walk up to someone on the street, hand them a sack of cash, and buy the kind of adrenaline that you get from watching Molina legging out a triple. I'll never forgive myself. When a Giants pitcher throws the first Giants no-hitter in my lifetime, I'll be happy, but I'll know that I missed out on the real magic.
  • Two of three from the Diamondbacks. Two of three from the Dodgers. Ending April with a .500 record. After the oh-for-road-trip nightmare, I wouldn't have put a nickel on the chances of any of those happening.
  • Small sample size shenanigans alert: At 11:00 a.m., Edgar Renteria was a .238-hitting bum. Now he's a .275-hitting lineup cog. I can't wait until June, when I know who to rag on.
  • BENGIE MOLINA HIT A TRIPLE AND I MISSED IT. That almost ruins the night for me. Almost.