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San Francisco Giants Top 30 Prospects

‘Tis as good a time as any, I suppose:

Top 30 Prospects, Wild Overreaction to Early Samples Edition:

I had an early list here, but why go on that when we have 60 at-bats and 20 innings pitched on which to make a value judgment?

1. Buster Posey

This was where I had him at the start of the season, and his crazy .361/.452/.625 start isn’t going to change my mind.

2. Madison Bumgarner

This was where I had him at the start of the season, and he’s given up one earned run in three starts. I think that means his career ERA went up.

3. Angel Villalona

Four walks! By Jove, I’ll take that. The strikeout rate is still a little high, but the dude’s a zygote.

4. Tim Alderson

Rough outing last time, but his control has been good at the start of the year.

5. Nick Noonan

I’ve seen him play a couple of times now, and he always impresses. The strikeout rate is high, but his splits make me think that Municipal Stadium is part of the problem for a lot of these young hitters.

6. Conor Gillaspie

I hope he starts hitting for any sort of power, as his eye is nice (14 walks, 67 at-bats). I’m a little discouraged by the total lack of power, though, even if it’s still early.

7. Henry Sosa

He was the talk of camp, apparently, and he’s doing well in Connecticut. I’ll take the early March buzz seriously, and bump Sosa up a couple of notches.

8. Brandon Crawford

I really want to rank him #3, but that’s because I’m drunk on small sample size wine. I can’t blame his strikeouts on Muni, though, because he’s as whiff-prone on the road. And just a wild guess, but I’m thinking that .500 batting average on balls put in play is going to come down just a wee bit. A good defensive shortstop, though, with any chance at offensive production should be in an organization’s top ten unless the organization is crazy deep.

9. Ehire Adrianza

This is lower than Baseball America had him before the season, and he hasn’t embarrassed himself as a teenager in the Sally. This is probably too low, but that sample size wine hangover is brutal.

10. Scott Barnes

I still don’t understand how 90+mph lefties last until the 8th-round, but okay. He’s done fine as a Matt Cain-style third starter by default in San Jose.

11. Rafael Rodriguez
12. Roger Kieschnick
13. Edwin Quirarte – I saw him pitch only one inning, but that was enough to have a new favorite pet prospect.
14. Jesus Guzman
15. Clayton Tanner
16. Thomas Neal
17. Joe Martinez
18. Michael McBryde
19. Craig Clark – I’m not sure why I didn’t have him on the last list, but he’s off to a good start this year.
20. Wendell Fairley – and sinking…
21. Hector Sanchez – Don’t know a thing about him other than his age, stats, and position, but those are points in his favor.
22. Jesse English
23. Waldis Joaquin
24. Matt Downs – Slow start, but the enthusiasm of the organization in the spring bumps him up.
25. Aaron King
26. Ben Snyder – I guess he’s a reliever now? That’s a shame.
27. Kevin Pucetas
28. Eric Surkamp
29. Jackson Williams – I believe! Kind of!
30. Felix Romero - Goofy numbers, high level. This should probably be Osiris Matos's spot, but I'm a sucker for relivers with triple-digit strikeout totals.