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Squibbers and Nubs: The Giants beat the Dodgers

Brian Wilson is our Shane Victorino. He's our Scott Hairston or Eric Byrnes. Look in your heart; you know it's true. If he were on the Dodgers, he would be loathed around these parts. But, man, I'm glad he's on our team. It's hard not to buy into the closer mentality silliness when you watch a game like tonight. Wilson wanted to prove something, and he struck out the side. Love it.

Of course, if Casey Blake doesn't swing at a ball in the dirt in front of the dirt in front of home plate, we might still be watching a game. But take yer logic and cram it. We have a closer with a mohawk who tweets about ninjas when he's not throwing 97. Dang, I'm glad I don't have to hate that.

Good win. They all are. But Dodger wins are especially sweet. And I'm glad that the winning run wasn't a Manny Ramirez dribbler.