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Offense Bails Out Starting Pitching Again: Giants/Diamondbacks Saturday Night Recap

Six of their last seven? A functional bullpen? I'm starting to get suspicious. I think they might be seeing other leagues and losing behind our backs. When I was doing laundry, I found a pocketful of suck in their pants pockets. I'll turn a blind eye for now.

I really, really, really, really hope we didn't get Randy Johnson's impression of a 1986 Steve Carlton. That would make for a long season. But I'm not too worried yet. His last start bought some patience

Sabean's maneuvering helped us in this one. Waiver-wire pickup Nat Sheerholt singled and scored an insurance run. Hopefully this wasn't a fluke, though I'm sure Sheerholt is just a stopgap until the Giants make a trade for a fourth outfielder.

Good win. They all are.