A Fairley Poor Start

As I looked more deeply into Wendell Fairley's .138 start at Augusta this season, the picture got even worse.  (Fortunately, we're talking about only 29 at bats, so Wendell has plenty of time to reverse this situation.)

Not only has Wendell struck out 13 times in those 29 at bats, he has yet to hit a line drive.  Not one.  He has yet to beat out a ground ball or have one find a hole.

Wendell's four hits in those 29 at bats have come on the five fly balls he has hit.  My sense is that three of those four fly ball hits were balls that weren't hit hard, but merely fell in.

Why do I feel that way?  Only one of the four hits went for extra bases, a triple.  Clearly that ball was hit hard enough to get past the outfielders.  The other three?  With Wendell's speed, if they had been hit hard at all, wouldn't he have been able to convert them into at least doubles?

So it may be that in 29 at bats thus far this season, Wendell has hit the ball hard in fair territory only once.


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