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Airing of Grievances: Bruce Bochy Edition

There will never be a manager with whom you fully agree. Give up the dream. Every manager is going to pull this guy at the wrong time, not pull that guy at the right time, and make hundreds of decisions over 162 games that make you want to pull your nose hairs out in frustration. That guy you’re thinking of right now in an attempt to prove me wrong? He’d drive you nuts too. He secretly thinks that mustaches add two miles per hour to every fastball, and he manages his bullpen accordingly. Though that would explain why Sergio Romo throws 90 MPH instead of the high-80s max fastball that we were expecting.

But Bruce Bochy is kind of driving everyone nuts right now. He’ll never win with the pitch count thing – the He Isn’t Made of Porcelain crowd and the Three Digits is Evil crowd are watching his every move – but taking Randy Johnson out before his 80th pitch seems more like an overreaction than prudence.

The gravest sin so far, though, has been the handling of Nate Scheirholtz. Sez Carney:

"I know I'm concerned," Lansford said. "We've got to get him in there."

Even accounting for the lefty-heavy schedule, Schierholtz is rotting. I know that some folks are down on Schierholtz because he will never be a big on-base guy, but he’s a .308/.354/.518 hitter in 2,594 minor-league at-bats. A rebuilding team should take the time to find out if a guy like that can cut it as a fourth-outfielder, if not a starter. Sometimes, low-walk, high-contact guys go on to have pretty nice careers, and…

You know this already. I know you know this. I actually kind of think that Bochy knows this, and he’ll start mixing Schierholtz in more. But right now, it’s driving me nuts.

Also of note: Rich Aurilia can’t hit right-handed pitching. If you think that Travis Ishikawa will struggle against lefties, you might be right. But Aurilia is worse against righties. Someone needs to embroider that on a throw pillow and leave it around the clubhouse.

There isn’t a thesis for this post – it’s more a one-stop dumping ground for all Bochy frustrations. I don’t mention managers a whole lot in my writing, so here’s a place to let it all out.