Great control by Tim Lincecum today.  His velocity was still down a touch.  (Remember, two days ago he was out sick and was even examined for the possibility of a serious problem.)  But this might have been the best control he has shown.

Not sure of the exact number of strikes he threw in his 98 pitches, but I think it was right around 75.  His 13 strikeouts came on five curves, three fastballs, three change ups and two sliders.  Many of Tim's called balls seemed to just miss.

You no doubt saw Tim as quoted that his rhythm problem was caused by a lack of timing between his forward thrust and his back torque as he generates that thrust.  This was resulting in an inconsistent landing spot and also a lower release point, which can cause the fastball to sail sideways more and his curve to dive into the dirt.

Tim said he looked at video, which he has done nearly all his life but probably got away from now that he's in the majors.  Tim's dad told me Tim had figured it out or soon would.

I think we can safely say he had it figured out today.  One of the best starts of his career.  Probably his most efficient.  To have more strikeouts (13) than pitches per inning (12.1) is quite an accomplishment, particularly for a power pitcher.

Tim next pitches a week from today.  I think there is a chance the Giants will have scored again by that time.  :)

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