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Open GameThread, 4/16

I'm confident about Zito's ability to be a stopper. Sure. I'm choosing to watch the San Jose Giants because, uh, I'm positive that Zito's just going to dominate. Bam! 12-6 curve in your face! I've seen it before, so why not watch Madison Bumgarner for a change. It has nothing to do with wanting to watch a freaking winning team. Nothing.

Maybe a little.

Alternate Reality Series

Giants lead the series 2-0

Mon 04/13 WP: Randy Johnson (10 - 1)
LP: Chad Billingsley (1 - 100)
12 - 1 win
Wed 04/15 WP: Jeremy Affeldt (1 - 0)
LP: That Guy with Beady Eyes (0 - 1)
6 -0 win

San Francisco Giants
@ Los Angeles Dodgers

Thursday, Apr 16, 2009, 7:10 PM PDT
Dodger Stadium

Barry Zito vs Eric Stults

Clear. Game time temperature around 65. Chance of Zito: 99%

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San Francisco Giants @ Los Angeles Dodgers

04/16/09 7:10 PM PDT

San Francisco Giants Los Angeles Dodgers
Randy Winn - RF Rafael Furcal - SS
Emmanuel Burriss - 2B Orlando Hudson - 2B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Manny Ramirez - LF
Bengie Molina - C James Loney - 1B
Fred Lewis - LF Russell Martin - C
Rich Aurilia - 1B Andre Ethier - RF
Aaron Rowand - CF Matt Kemp - CF
Edgar Renteria - SS Casey Blake - 3B
Barry Zito - P Eric Stults - P

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