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Quick Link Dump

This is mostly so I can tell you to buy Grant-related items, but I'll throw a couple of Giants-related things in there for the people who actually come here for the baseball stuff.

  • I'm writing a monthly column for Giants Magazine this year. Some of y'all have already noticed, as the first issue is already out. Buy two -- one to read, one to collect. I do not personalize autographs, so don't even ask.
  •  I also wrote a dual review of MLB '09 and MLB 2K9 for "Playstation: The Official Magazine." Buy several copies of that magazine too.
  • From the Post-Gazette: the Pirates originally came at the Giants with a Jack Wilson for Matt Morris trade. While that seems scary at first, Wilson is actually a pretty good player. He would have been a improvement last year, and the Giants wouldn't have spent $18M on Edgar Renteria this year. But the Giants probably would have won two extra games, which means that they'd pick lower in this year's draft. But picking higher isn't always better, as Lincecum slipped all the way to #10. But...
  • I'm endlessly amused by this story. (Link via Baseball Primer-- never forget!) Denny Neagle is ten kinds of creepy.