Old Baseball Video Games

Got this idea from another discussion in the MLB 2k9 thread....


What is your favorite old school baseball video game? Whether it be console, PC or arcade.


Some of my favorites are Hardball 2 (I played this thing religiously for at least 3 or 4 years growing up on my old 286.)

This one arcade game I forget the name, but it had the 1990 All-Star game at Wrigley and the NL team had Clark, Williams and Mitchell. They let you play with all the other teams too of course. I probably spent at least 100 bucks in quarters playing that at Jacky Boys pizza in Los Gatos.

There was another cool arcade baseball game that had fictional players but had more of an old-time feel with the ballparks. They had this game at Nickel City, and I remember playing it at Circus Circus as a kid in Reno forever.

Oh and of course the old RBI baseball games on genesis.

And I have been trying to remember this old PC game for YEARS that specifically had all the old time greats (Aaron, Ruth, Gehrig, Mays etc) but I can never remember the name of it. I used to play it at my friend's house as a kid.

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