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The 25-Man Roster

Rosterbation, fancy table-style:




  • Andrew Baggarly wrote that Sergio Santos was acquired to play short for Fresno because Burriss is staying with the big club, so I’m comfortable with Burriss in the "almost certainly"-column. His .407/.458/.463 line is probably helping his cause. Burriss’s line, that is. Not Baggarly’s.
  • If Eugenio Velez makes the team, it’s because the team thinks he can do okay in the outfield, so I’m putting him down under the "OF" heading. Also, that amuses me. This team doesn’t need three second basemen, and I don’t think the Giants are going to send down Frandsen to make room for Velez.
  • I tried to rank the bubble RP in order of likelihood of making the final roster. If Romo can’t go on Opening Day, the Giants will grab a couple from that column.
  • After I made the fancy table, Sadler and Joaquin were cut, but I’m not redoing the fancy table because I’m scared that I’ll lessen the fanciness.

If I were in charge and forced to pick from the above table, I’d take Taschner and Perdomo for the bullpen, Torres as the fifth outfielder, Uribe as the backup shortstop, Frandsen as the second-base starter, and Aurilia as the designated lefty-masher. I still believe in Taschner, kind of, but I believe in Hinshaw’s control struggles even more.

I can’t remember the last time a Giants roster was this unsettled this close to Opening Day. You’d think it’d be more exciting. You’d be wrong.