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Studying Spring Training Games

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There's something wrong with not caring about a big loss to the Dodgers. When the Dodgers had their spring training in Florida, this didn't come up. Now, though, I feel all...not right with the universe because I was more bemused than angry that Sergio Romo was lit up against the Dodgers.

I don't have Gameday Audio yet, so I won't listen to a broadcast of the game today. And until the Chronicle, Mercury News, or posts a recap of the game, I'll only have a boxscore. Is it even worth it to stare at the walls of text, trying to figure out what means what? Bengie Molina has a double today, I see. But what does that mean? Was it a solid line drive -- the end result of five beautiful, level, well-executed swings? Or was it a bloop hit that fell in front of an outfielder who played it casually, which allowed Molina to rocket into second? I'll never know.

Even when the games are televised, such as Wednesday's games, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Luis Perdomo pitched, and it seemed like most of the movement on his fastball came well before the plate. Is that because he's rusty? Is that the natural movement of his two-seamer? Should I even pretend to know what that means? The radio broadcasts are fun to listen to, but you're wholly reliant on the announcers. Yesterday, Dave Flemming noted that he was impressed with Perdomo's performance. I trust his opinion more than I trust my own amateur scouting observations, but Flemming's comment stuck out because of how unimpressed I was with Perdomo.

So today is more of a general comment starter than an actual post. What are you looking for with exhibition games? Are you trying to discern some sort of meaning out of the spring and looking for things that impress or worry you? Or are you just happy that some dude is throwing a white ball in the general direction of another dude as you're listening to some dude with a baritone voice talk about it? I'm thinking that I'm more of the former, but that I should make a serious effort to be in the latter camp.

Either way, this week beats the snot out of last week. Dang, it feels good to be a baseball fan right now.