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A quick message: See the CBS Sportsline ads popping up around the main page? They're ads for a fantasy league tracking service. And unlike most of the ads in this joint, when you sign up for a fantasy league after clicking through that ad, I get some of your money directly. Now, if I hated the product, I wouldn't have too much of a problem lying to you. "Oh, yeah, these 7-11 taquitos are scrumptious, and remember that I get $.25 for every one you order online. Remember: only elitists complain about molten diarrhea."

But I've actually used CBS Sportsline for years. I'm not just a shill; I'm also a client. Of course, around January, Biff Pocoroba signs up and pays for the league because he thinks it will make the season come faster, so I won't even get a rebate on my own damn money.

What will I buy with your $10, or whatever? I don't know. Something stupid. But that's none of your concern. You will buy CBS Sportsline's product, and you will enjoy it.