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Spring Roster Battles I: The Bullpen

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In this new series, we take a look at all of the roster battles in the Giants’ camp. Well, both of them, at least. Maybe three if Noah Lowry can crack 80 MPH. Alright, maybe the position battles aren’t the interesting story this spring, but I can't remember there being so many openings at the back end of the bullpen before.

The bullpen fer-sures, as I see them:

Brian Wilson
Jeremy Affeldt
Bob Howry
Sergio Romo

…which leaves three open for the maybes:

Jack Taschner
Alex Hinshaw
Keiichi Yabu
The loser of the Sanchez/Lowry battle, if healthy
Billy Sadler
Merkin Valdez, if healthy
Ramon Lolrtiz
Luis Perdomo

…and the ya-never-knows:

Taschner is probably closer to the first group than anyone else, but if Lowry’s healthy, I’d be surprised if the Giants had four lefties in their pen. That would mean Hinshaw would likely go, but it still puts Taschner in a little bit of doubt.

Another way of sorting the players in the last two groups:

High upside, high risk of complete implosion/ineffectiveness


Low upside, low risk


 Medium upside, medium risk


Low upside, high risk of implosion/ineffectiveness


Uh, look, this is the Disabled List again, and I’ve left several voicemails, and I’m sure what else I can do, so if I don’t receive the rent by 3:00 p.m., I’m going to have to file down at the courthouse. I’m sorry, but I have a mortgage to pay, and, and…I’m sorry, but I have to stand firm on this one


These classifications are completely pulled from my nether regions. Maybe Ronnie Ray learned a devastating Vulcan change in the offseason that gives him a much higher upside. These are all just initial guesses, based on past stats and scouting.

I’d prefer the final three spots to go to one of each of the first three categories. Give me Sadler, Miller, and Taschner. Wait, no. Hinshaw, Matos, and Yabu. Wait, no. Valdez, Lowry, and Dr. Andrews on retainer. All of those groups have some appeal in the warm, glowing light of a February sunbeam of quasi-optimism. Open Speculation Thread regarding the bullpen. Predictions, preferences, and prognostications are all welcome.