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PECOTA Fanning the Flames

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The PECOTA-generated standings predictions are up at Baseball Prospectus. The portion relevant to this site:

Worst offense in baseball! Suck it, Padres! A lot of the pessimism has to do with the fact that PECOTA no like a the Giants. For example, Travis Ishikawa’s projected line:

His was one of the better projections, too.

Maybe the Giants will sign Manny – I’m refreshing Drudge every 10 minutes, just to be safe – but I’m thinking the Dodgers eventually will, so I’d tack on an extra 40 runs or so to the Dodgers’ side of the ledger, which would get them closer to the Diamondbacks. I’ll wait to make any formal predictions until after spring training, of course. I’m hoping for a Chris Young/Justin Upton katana duel that causes both to miss some time, but your mileage may vary. Still, this is almost exactly what I’d expect for the Giants: awful hitting, good-not-epic pitching, and an outside chance of contention.

No thesis today. No argument, no opinions of note. Just a couple of images and an admission that I’m really, really, really, really excited to watch what will likely be a 79-win team.