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Holiday Nuthin' Thread


Favorite albums of the year thread. Pick your favorite that was released in '09, and your favorite that you didn't find out about until '09. Don't bother with this thread if you don't want to read a bunch of music nerd rambling.

Baroness - Blue Record

This album makes me feel like I've emerged from the womb of Gaia, covered in earthy placenta, arms aloft, raising a golden sword to the heavens, and just screaming in rage before charging down the barren landscape to smite my enemies.

Also, the songs are really good. Totally good and everything. Some people complain that it isn't metal, which would probably mean I don't like metal. Whatever. I was listening to Wrathchild America when you were still sneaking into your big sister's room to listen to her Cure records. Don't challenge my metalness, hipster scum.

But, yeah. It's my favorite record in years. I wasn't a huge fan of their Red Album, so this one snuck up on me.

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle

When I was really, really serious about my pop -- when I could bore a first date with Elephant 6 factoids like few other nerds could -- this album was an import-only dealie, which usually ran around $30. Since I was a broke college student before the days of Napster, I could never pull the trigger on this CD. It was supposed to be the bestest pop album ever, but it was the same price as three used CDs.

I forgot about it until this year, for some reason. Downloaded it from eMusic, and my mind has been blown ever since. It's just as complete and well-crafted as Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper's.

Now you.