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Revisiting the Dan Uggla Idea

From the Miami Herald:

During the MarlinsDan Uggla trade talks with San Francisco, Giants players who were discussed include right-hander Jonathan Sanchez (8-12, 4.24 ERA; no-hitter last season); lefty Clayton Tanner (a top minor-league pitcher) and a midlevel pitching prospect.

I'm sure the weather was discussed too. Uggla for midwestern cold front! Which is to say, the Giants aren't giving up Sanchez, and the Marlins don't want an arbitration case in return for a player they're trading because he makes too much in arbitration.

When I cringed at the inclusion of Tanner -- a C+ prospect, at best -- it made me ask myself what I would be willing to include for two years of a fairly pricey Dan Uggla. If we go by the newest update of the Community Prospect List, here would be my response if a specific prospect were traded:

  1. Buster Posey - stab an orphan
  2. Madison Bumgarner - stab an orphan
  3. Thomas Neal - stab an orphan
  4. Zack Wheeler - n/a (not eligible to trade for a few months)
  5. Roger Kieschnick - give an orphan a terribly violent wedgie
  6. Tommy Joseph - n/a (not eligible to trade for a few months)
  7. Brandon Crawford - give an orphan a terribly violent wedgie
  8. Rafael Rodriguez - stab an orphan
  9. Dan Runzler - grit my teeth and curse under my breath until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in, and I come around on the trade
  10. Nick Noonan - give an orphan a terribly violent wedgie
  11. Conor Gillaspie - smile and wait for them sweet, sweet Uggla dingerz
  12. Ehire Adrianza - give an orphan a terribly violent wedgie
  13. Francisco Peguero - shrug my shoulders and hope he doesn't make the Giants look stupid

So if I'm loathe to trade hardly any of my top dozen prospects, do I really want Uggla? I thought I did. And while I'm sure that Uggla will cost the Marlins 25% of their expected payroll, they also know they have a better-than-average shot at being a contender. I don't think they'll just dump Uggla just to dump him. They're not going to take Merkin Valdez and a bunch of bills with Jefferson Davis on them.

I guess I don't want Uggla after all. At least, I don't want him unless the cost to get him is much lower than I'm expecting.

Open What Would You Give For Uggla/Let's Have a New Thread to Talk About Some Inane Off-Topic Topic Thread.