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Post Winter Meetings Thread/Rumor Dump

Rule 5 news! I don't have time for a 18-part profile, like the Pulitzer-winning series on Luis Perdomo (you can buy the hardbound compilation here), but I'd like to welcome Steve Johnson and Jake Stevens to the organization, even if Johnson's here only until the end of spring.

Goodbye, Brian Horwitz and Ben Snyder. I kind of liked both of those players, dang it.

I'm pretty danged pleased with the Johnson pick, though it's unlikely the Giants will keep him on the roster. Same goes with the Snyder loss, but in reverse. I think I'd rather have Johnson, but only if we were able to stash him in AAA. I have a feeling Snyder's a much better bet to stick with the Orioles.

Post Winter Meetings Thread/Rumor Dump