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2008 Prospects in Review


Quick thoughts after the jump....

  • Links to all of the lists: Baseball America; John Sickels; Baseball Prospectus; SF Dugout; the McC community list; my list
  • I just don't trust low-A pitchers compared to supposedly fast-rising position players, so my first slot looks good now, but it's not like Bumgarner did anything to prove he wasn't worthy. Posey was much better than I expected, so I can't claim that I was right. I just got lucky.
  • I can't believe how many of the lists had Ishikawa. I felt silly for putting him at #12.
  • Even though a lot of the lists have the same players, you can tell a lot about the different philosophies by some of the exclusions/inclusions. Obviously, Kevin Goldstein values tools and projection a lot more than SF Dugout, who value performance more than a vague scouting consensus, and the middle road is taken by Sickels and the community list. Not taking sides, just pointing it out.
  • Sickels often rates relievers pretty far up his lists, and I remember Joaquin seemed like an unusual pick at the time, but it makes him look pretty good now. Not that Joaquin should be a top-10 prospect this year, but he's definitely someone that the organization is high on.
  • I didn't think of Romo as a prospect, and neither did the community list. I thought of him as a fully formed and mustachioed bullpen force. I'd like to think that I would have rated him in the top ten.
  • Henry Sosa still baffles me. I can't tell if I'm underrating him now, or if I overrated him last year.
  • The first one to tell me that Tim Alderson and Scott Barnes were traded gets banned. Read the title again, you horrible person.
  • It's debatable just how much trade value Alderson and Barnes would have now after their late-season struggles, but it's still rough to have them out of the system. With Villalona unlikely to come back any time soon, that's three prospects out of Baseball America's top ten who aren't going to contribute in any fashion.
  • I really thought Gillaspie was going to be in Fresno by the end of the season. Whoops.
  • I'm still a Noonanite. You should be too, at least until he's traded to Texas for Jermaine Dye in June.

Open Hindsight 'n' Prospects Thread. There should be even a greater disparity between all of the lists this year.