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Post-Game Recap: Thus Endeth the Season

I'm very, very pleased that the Giants decided to win six of seven after the playoffs were out of reach. Seriously, I am. Because if the streaks had been reversed -- if they had won six of seven to catch the Rockies, and then lost six of eight to fall into the toilet -- the mood would be just a wee bit different around here.

As it stands, the 2009 Giants won 88 games. Dang. Imagine if they had an average offense.

Goodbye, Richie. Goodbye, Randy. Goodbye, Bengie. You were all great Giants, and a small, overly sentimental part of me will miss you. A larger, coldly rational part of me will set fire to various landmarks in and around San Francisco if you are brought back. Any of you. At any price. Don't test me.

Oh, and...


That was much closer than we had any right to expect when it was made on April 6th. Louis, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.