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To all the Dodgers I've hated before...

Picking a most-hated Dodger is like picking the worst piece of licorice out of the bag. It's a bag of evil; there's no point picking the worst one. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure licorice makes you sterile. Except for the Steve Garvey pieces, of course. Those are as popular as ground rhinoceros horns in some countries.

I wasn't around for Don Drysdale, and I only have vague memories of guys like Ron Cey and Davey Lopes as players. When I watch old video of Cey, though, I really regret that I never got the chance to hate him. The dude ran like a penguin. I mean, his nickname was "The Penguin," so it shouldn't be that shocking, but it's worth noting that he didn't get the nickname because he wore a purple top hat and plotted robberies. Nope, the dude ran like a penguin. And he was a danged good player, too. Man, how I wish I had the chance to hate him.

But I have had the chance to hate some fantastically evil Dodgers over the past couple of decades. From Orel Hershisher's gopher-mates-with-Ron-Howard visage to Russell Martin, who will eternally suck it like Sisiphyus and a boulder of sucking it, there have been some doozies. C'mon, now, the Dodger fans root for a surly, steroid-taking defensive liability who happens to be one of the best hitters of our lifetime. Can you even imagine what it would be like to have to root for someone like that? The mind boggles. And who could forget this guy:


Business in the front, party in the back. Oh, and total jackass all over the face.

So before we watch the Dodgers drop the second game of the NLCS, this is an open Most Hated Dodger thread.