Top Giants Prospects, nonGroupthink edition expanded and revised

Way back in December of 2008, I put up this fanpost so that we, the McCoven, could express our individual views of the top 10 Giants Prospects in comparison with the our McCovey Chronicles Community Pospect List.  As the Community Prospect List winds down it seems like a good time to revisit the idea.

Before the top-10 lists that were posted showed the main points of disagreement were minor order squibbles between the top-4 guys and then the 4-8 guys and then deciding who made the cut for the top ten.  Pucetas or Barnes? Kieschnick or Ishikawa?  I think this time we will see some new trends develop. (that is if anyone participates....)  Do relievers belong in a the top 20?  How do you seperate out the group of starters that began the season in San Jose?  Age and Level? Potential versus Proximity? I think we'll see some patterns emerge that resulted from voting system where under 25% of the vote could win the spot.  And of course, with more spots available than when we posted top-10s, we should see more widely varied results. 

And, maybe you've changed your mind since voting in the polls.  Have the discussions here swayed you?  Perdomo who? What's a Jesus "Raptor" Guzman?  Did John Sickels sway you with his top 20?

So post your list of top prospects and go as high as you would like.  Maybe explain  your ranking decisions, or maybe let us guess at your ranking criteria and philosophy.  This is also the time for those 15 people that have been voting for McBryde for 20 rounds to put him where he BELONGS!  A chance for EME to be ranked either 10th or off the list entirely.  What sort of idiot would rank Snyder 19 spots below Pucetas!!!!1!  Remember voting for that one guy in poll after poll until the rest of us finally got there?  Well now put him in your list where you want and move on. Simple.

Let it all out.  Be an individual! Respect to the group, but let's see what YOU think.

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