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There's a huge and interesting profile on Barry Zito in the New York Times right now. I started to get fired up at this:

Now, at 30, without injury, (Barry Zito) is in the midst of a fall from grace so confounding that it confuses not only him but everyone else, which is why his hometown fans boo him. It must be his fault, they say. The money made him complacent. The success came too easy. He has no character.

I hope They never come around here. They sound like jerks.

But Dave Righetti had our backs with this:

"Actually, I think the San Francisco fans have been pretty good to him," Righetti said. "If he was in New York, the fans would be off the chart."

Really, if Zito becomes a league-average, 4.30 ERA guy, he'll be cheered. As long as he's one of the worse pitchers in the league, though, the fans will boo the front office. I don't know of anyone who is booing Barry Zito, the human; I only know of people booing Barry Zito, the bad decision.

It's an interesting article. It does have a downside, though, as it makes you actually think about Barry Zito's contract.