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Matt Cain....

From Rotoworld:

Matt Cain was tagged for six runs in 3 1/3 innings by the Padres in a loss on Thursday.

Stick a fork in him. After the rest of the Giants put up a great fight against the Diamondbacks over the previous three days, Cain came out tonight and gave the team no real chance of winning. He must be hurting, because the alternative is worse."

Weirdest Rotoworld quote ever. I know that Cain has struggled over his past three starts, but what in the hell does, "He must be hurting, because the alternative is worse" mean?

Cain doesn't lactate quality starts like Tim Lincecum. We get it. Cain is probably a little tired. But, good gravy, have a little perspective. Pitchers will have back-to-back-to-back poor outings. Don't get all Dylan McKay on us, Rotoworld. Don't jump on your hog and withdraw from society because all is lost. It isn't quite time to say, "Gee, I hope he's hurt, otherwise, he just stinks now! Trade him for Shane Reynolds in your keeper league if you can."

It's time to monitor Cain closely. Don't let him suffer for inning after inning if he's struggling, and don't let him throw 130 pitches the next time he has a good game. It would be a good idea to ease him out of the season. But am I the only one who isn't freaking out about Matt Cain?

Though, if he continues to struggle, we might have to include an additional prospect in the Fielder trade.