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Trio o' tidbits

  • There’s a Buster Posey scouting report over at Baseball Intellect. Buster Posey? But she didn’t do anything to me! Or something.

    Also on the mechanics tip, SB Nation has just added Driveline Mechanics to the roster, which is a nice coup. The statistical side of baseball has always had plenty of representation on the internet, so it’s awesome to see that the next wave is focused on the biomechanics of baseball, which is almost the final frontier for baseball nerds. Sure, you can prattle on about VORP and Win Shares to the guy sitting next you, but I promise he’s ignoring you. Really, he is. But once you start talking about reverse rotations and rushed arm action, that’s when you’ll move from stuffy gobbledygook-jabbering nerd to arrogant knowledge-vomiting expert. I, for one, can’t wait.
  • If Bengie Molina can bring back any sort of prospect in a trade, he should be gone before March. That doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the coolest players on the roster. Check out how he has responded to Pablo Sandoval. Can you imagine having your boss say, "By the way, you aren’t really in our long-term plans. Oh, and we’re bringing in Paul from the East Coast to see if we want to keep him instead of you. Could you show him around? If he does well right off the bat, you’ll probably be transferred to the Miami office in a couple of months, but try not to think about that. Thanks." Seven-figure salaries or no, that’s a tough spot to be put in, so raise a flagon of ale to Bengie the next time you get a chance.
  • Madison Bumgarner is the best pitching prospect in the minors. Shove the "no breaking ball"-complaint up your scouthole, haters. Another 10 strikeout, no walk game puts his K/BB ratio at 155/20 over 136 innings. details the performance here, and Baseball America has another edition of the Madison Bumgarner Report up on their site. Here’s enough ridiculous to get you through the weekend: