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Bringin' back the '80s!

I’ve made no secret of my fascination with the "Ooooh! Riiibay!" chants of yore. I tried to start one at the first game ever at Mays Field, and I’ve secretly wished that the Giants would acquire Juan Uribe just for the chanty goodness.

So last night, we’re just enthralled with the game. Couldn’t take our eyes off it. It was just a masterpiece of well-played baseball. During this instant classic, though, the painfully shy Goofus found his voice. He somehow gathered up enough courage to start a "Paaaaaaah! Blito!" chant. It went over pretty well in the section, so it was followed up with a less appropriate "Paaaaaaaah! Blow!" chant that went over even better. An attempt at "Ohhhhhhhhh! Choa!" was a failure, though nothing compared to the "Wuhh! In!" chant that died on the vine.

It’s been a couple of decades. We need a chant-friendly player to usher us through the bad times. Goofus’s Pablito/Pablo chant is almost perfect, but it has one glaring flaw: Goofus would get the credit. I only have one alternate contribution, though, and it’s for Travis Ishikawa’s at-bats:

"Ishi ishi ishi PITANG zoom bwiing"

Pro: Fun as all heck to do, and Monty Python references go a long ways.

Con: It would be pretty tough to synchronize, which was one of the genius qualities of the Uribe chant. Plus, we already have "The Enchanter" as a McC-approved Monty Python reference, and we also have the Billy Sadler Ministry of Silly Walks, which was unveiled about a half-sentence ago.

And can you imagine trying to explain that to someone sitting next to you? "IT’S A MONTY PYTHON REFERENCE AND ALL OF MY INTERNET FRIENDS DO IT TOO IT’S KIND OF OUR THING AND MY MOM SAYS I HAVE TO WEAR THE OVEN MITTS BECAUSE I KEEP CUTTING MY FINGERS AND…" You might as well crap out 12-sided dice if you’re going to be that nerdy.

So I’m opening the floor to suggestions for the next wildly popular Uribe-style chant. Current players, future players, recently signed draftees…have at it.