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My disconnect:

a. The Giants have several young and exciting arms pitching in relief throughout the organization. This should make me excited for the future. A few of them are up in the majors, so that should make me interested in the present.

b. The Giants’ current bullpen is a soul-consuming debacle, and it will consume your child’s soul in a debacleous fashion the second you let your guard down.

I would look forward to watching this bullpen next season:

  • Brian Wilson
  • Sergio Romo
  • Alexander Hinshaw
  • Geno Espineli
  • Jack Taschner (not in a set-up role…)
  • Justin Hedrick, or some dude who has a good spring training, or a free agent (Juan Cruz? The sure-to-be-overpaid Scott Downs? There are a few options…)

Maybe I’m jumping the gun on Hedrick, though. If you look at his minor league numbers, you’ll see the Giants have some pretty specific plans for him. Only after three years in AAA (combined ERA for those three seasons: 0.30), will Hedrick be able to be considered for the possibility of a potential promotion. You wouldn’t want to fast-track the guy, now. If there’s one thing the Giants don’t stand for, it’s rushing players to the majors who haven’t proven their worth in the minors.

But that list is more or less the current Giants bullpen, less Tyler Walker and Keiichi Yabu. Yabu has been just fine, for the most part, so my plan for a watchable bullpen is:

1. Get rid of Tyler Walker
2. Don’t even think about Billy Sadler until he makes major strides with his control
3. …
4. … uh…
5. …
6. …
7. …

My seven-point plan is pretty flawless, if I don’t say so myself. I like Espineli, though I'm not sure why. I like Hinshaw, though I don't think he knows where the ball is going half of the time. I like Romo, though he throws strikes, which is totally weird and non-conforming. I can live with Taschner in the middle or back of a bullpen.

Comment starter: Your plans for next year's bullpen, if you would.