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The Two

You are the GM for the Giants, and you hav....

Hey! Stop that! It's distracting to try and communicate with someone who's poking themselves in the eye.

Okay. So you are the GM for the Giants, and you...

C'mon, man. Stop filling out those Peace Corps applications. I'm not asking you to pretend that you are Brian Sabean; I'm asking you to pretend that you've magically become the GM for the Giants. Maybe Sabean filled out the Peace Corps application on his own. Maybe he was fired. That part of the fantasy is up to you. But for the purposes of this post, just pretend that you have been named his successor.

What are the two moves you would make right away? As this is my thought exercise, I should point out that there are rules. First: Don't be a weenie and concoct some elaborate trade for David Wright. We're talking simple roster moves or vague trades. Second: If one of your moves is to ship one guy out, calling up that player's replacement is still considered the same move.

My contributions:

1. Randy Winn to anyone who will take him, and Travis Ishikawa up

This might involve eating a couple of million. It isn't that I think Winn is useless; far from it. As a corner outfielder on a rebuilding team, though, he's a square peg in a round peg bar, drunkenly hitting on all of the round pegs, who aren't sure whether they should be amused or offended.

John Bowker would get some playing time in right, which would hopefully allow him to concentrate on his hitting. Dave Roberts would get some more at-bats in the hope that a team would want to trade for him this offseason. In March, Bowker and Nate Schierholtz can scrap for a job if the Giants don't go outside the organization.

I didn't believe in Ishikawa until about one week ago, but he's earned a call-up. His spot on the 40-man is achieved by...

2. Tyler Walker DFA; Sergio Romo up

For as much grief as Walker gets in this parts, I've quietly been on his side for a while. I've overrated his K/9 numbers and underrated the fact that he isn't really good. No more. Romo didn't deserve to be sent down after one bad outing.

Maybe someone will want Walker for the back of their bullpen. Maybe Walker clears waivers and joins Vinnie Chulk in Central Valley purgatory. That isn't really a concern, though. Done with Walker. Done.

Comment starter: Your two moves.