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Open Trade Deadline Thread, 7/31

For an opinionated jerkbag like myself, this might be the most exciting Giants trade deadline ever. The Giants aren't going to make any huge trades -- maybe Rich Aurilia here, or Jack Taschner there -- but they aren't going to get any future stars.

No, it's exciting because now we get to see if the Giants really are going to sit the veterans who aren't traded. If the veterans sit, we get to watch youngsters find their way. If the veterans play, I have the right to be the loudest bloviating jerkbag on the internet. It should be fun. Righteous indignation...spittle-flecked keyboards...saber rattling.... I'm in. Because if Omar Vizquel starts more than one game in any of the remaining series, I'm a mailing a severed ear to someone. It might be mine, and it might not be. And, really, a third of the remaining games would still be too many, so I think I'm being more than fair.

My prediction: Richie for an A-baller, and everyone else stays.

My other prediction: We actually will see more of the rookies.