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Post-Game Fun Chatter!

Hahahaha! Stupid Dodger fans! You can't be unambiguously ecstatic about your young pitcher's complete game shutout! You just know that a part of you is thinking, "Yeah, that seemed like a great outing, but how can I be sure? It was against the Giants, fer crying out loud."

Ha! Ha! You have no idea if Billingsley's game was really spectacular, or if it was just an illusion created by the Giants' sub-AA lineup! I can hear the uncertainty rattling around in your brain! Should you be excited, or should you dismiss Billingsley's outing as you might if he pitched against a Pony League team in an exhibition game? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW!!!!

It seems as if we've won this round. By starting an urn full of Omar Vizquel's ashes and something called Dave Roberts, we've shrouded the development of your pitcher in a fog of mystery. Try to keep up, silly Dodger fans.