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The Mid-Afternoon 4-1-1!

  • Aussie Aussie Aussie, oy, oy, oy vey? – Talented temptress Lindsay Lohan is set to go into the studio with "It"-Aussie songwriter Sam Sparro. That’s not a drug-addled binge…this is a drug-addled binge! (pulls drug-addled binge from back of pants)
  • Dumpsville for Grumpsville? – Tired of his gal pal’s insecurities, Simon Cowell has given her the old heave-ho! Based on his on-set persona, who here thinks he let her down easy? Not! I’d also bet that Randy Jackson just asked for her digits! "’Sup, dawg? I hear you’re single!" Something like that!
  • She builds the hotels…he trashes them! – Renaissance woman Paris Hilton recently claimed that her boyfriend, edgy punker Benji Madden from the legendary band Good Charlotte, has helped her grow up. WOW! Talk about the blind leading the blind! Or, at least, the phony leading the entitled! Good Charlotte? More like good luck!

I’ll be back in an hour with more celeb gossip! Keep that mouse a-clickin’ and your love for gossip a-tickin’!