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Link Dump

  • Here’s a Buster Posey interview with Baseball Prospectus Radio. Posey doesn’t mention the Giants until 9:15 in, but I ran his voice through my computer voice modulation analyzer, and if I’m reading the results correctly, he sounds like he intends to sign. And by "computer voice modulation analyzer", I mean "Windows Media Player" with those trippy visual effects turned on.
  • On a completely unrelated note, Andrew Baggarly tells us all to calm the hell down when it comes to the draft. Deep breaths. They’re all likely to sign. His quote: "So I’d venture to say it’s a 99 percent certainty that all four will agree to terms before the Aug. 15 deadline." Now, I just saw that this was posted down in the FanShots area, but, really, who in the heck actually looks at those?
  • In Tim Kawakami’s latest post, we’re directed us to this Brian Sabean Q&A from 2006. Sabean hits at the necessity of free agent pitching. (crosses fingers and hopes for Barry Zito….)
  • The Yankees are scouting Randy Winn, whose average dropped to .277 when I was in the restroom. Yeesh. We’ll take Austin Jackson and call it even, Cashman. And give us back Dan Giese while you’re at it. I liked that guy.
  • Tim Alderson is good.
  • If you have Google stock, sell. Gameday Thread comments are now showing up in Google News searches.
  • Open Link Dump thread. This includes random links like, say, to a YouTube video of a skunk getting annoyed with raccoons.